Are you growing at a rate you can’t keep up with and in need of some help? Well that’s why you give us a call (02838440799). We are a team of skilled Recruiters, HR professionals and employment solicitors that can work alongside your business and team to enhance best practices to ensure your staff and clients feel valued.

Wasn’t that some lovely LinkedIn BS !! When I created this blog I wanted to ensure that my clients know exactly what they are getting not some rainbows and ponies sales talk. So, I am going to tell you exactly what I can do. I am Shannon a second generation McCaul (AKA Kieran and Susan’s daughter) growing up with a recruitment business I was destined to go into Human Resources so I done exactly that and graduated from Ulster Business School with BSc in Human Resource Management. In 2023 I wanted to start my own side to the company and help business’ with their HR needs and also help start up companies get the information they need to succeed.

If your an established business that needs help with their paperwork, HR or an employment Tribunal then my HR package is what you need it includes:

If your a start up company and need business consultancy then my business consultancy package is for you, offering:

All packages can be tailored to met your needs or if you have something else in mind why not give me a call on 07436035377 or drop me an email at to see what I have done with other business’

Thank you,

Shannon McCaul