As an employer I regularly sit and think about how diverse and flexible our labour market has become and wonder will this ever be sustainable to grow our economy. Since the global pandemic , over 40% of UK companies have shifted to a hybrid model. This indicates that 30% of UK companies are working fully on-site today, as opposed to 57% before the pandemic. There has been an almost 10% increase in companies opting for flexible working arrangements since before the pandemic.

From an employee point of view this is an amazing way to have a work life balance and be able to spread your time evenly. CIPD (2022) state that offering hybrid working attracts a larger pool of applicants to open job roles, allowing for a more diverse pool of applicants than before. For employers and companies moving remotely works smoothly as long as their communication and structure is in place to ensure the business still runs efficiently . To have an effective communication flow you must ensure you have a solid structure in place. CIPD stated in their ‘hybrid working guide’ that companies should provide all managers training on how to effectively run a hybrid team. Although they don’t clearly state what should be in the training leaves companies questioning what they should be offering in their training. As a HR consultant I would advise the below steps to ensure your managers are well informed:

If this is training that you find your Hybrid Managers need please feel free to email to book your training course. This is the only way we can make hybrid working sustainable not only for the business but for our employees. One in four managers state that they have not been adequately trained in their role after the pandemic leaving the labour turnover at an all time high.